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Events @4410 provides:

  • Open mic nights, clinics, master classes, and song writing classes…
  • Visual art classes, recitals, and simply a place for young and older musicians to have the chance to perform, listen, learn and make music together…
  • 4410 was born from the idea of providing a place and more opportunities to have students play more often. It is a place where families have more opportunities to see the students play, and for CMC to expand into the visual arts.
  • 4410 is the student’s home. It is their place to call their own. It is their place to bond around the music they make– it is their venue.

events @4410How can you play @4410?

First things first, know your fans!  If you don’t think you can sell at least 30 tickets, then we encourage you to play at an Open Mic Night, which we host most Fridays. Once you have built interest at Open Mic Night, we can talk about a full show. If you feel you can sell at least 30 tickets, we will require that you send us links of yourself performing to get the booking process started. Audio is great but videos are always much better.

Keep in mind that events @4410 is an intimate room and has certain volume restrictions. Keeping the volume right will make a better show for everyone. If you like to turn to 11, we may not be the right choice for your act. @4410 is an alcohol-free and family-friendly venue. @4410 has amazing acoustics and is a great room for live recording. Handheld and professional cameras have both captured great videos in 4410 on many occasions.

Once we have agreed on a date, you can play @4410 in two different ways. One option is that we charge a ticket price at the door and do a split of the tickets sold. Another option we offer is to rent the room for a four-hour period for a single fee.

Anyone playing a show at 4410 must provide promotional material such as bios, show descriptions, links, and physical posters. All of these materials must be submitted before we can begin advertising for your show. We will post about your event on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and in our email blasts. We are here to help your show become great, but the majority of the promo MUST be done by the artist.

4410 will provide staff, sound and lighting, and house gear. Events @4410 can provide guitar amps, a bass amp, a drum set, and a digital piano to our performers if needed.

For all bookings at 4410 contact us via email at here

We look forward to working with you!


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