Jerry Hammock

Jerry Hammack

Born and raised in Northern Va.

Jerry has played with local bands of varying styles since 2002. He has enjoyed performing in venues such as the State Theater, 9:30 Club, Camp Barefoot Music Festival, and more…

Jerry truly found his “musical home” while performing rock, blues, and soul with Natural Born Easy. Jerry morphed from performance into teaching with success as a drum instructor for five years, but shifted to retail when he discovered his passion for helping musicians of all kinds.

Always believing in “playing for the song”; Jerry’s fundamental understanding of the different roles instruments play in any musical ensemble, has been the biggest part of his success in helping CMC customers. He always puts the customer’s needs first.

Jerry plays a key role with CMC’s @4410 and Summer Rock Camp programs; helping band members learn about their instruments, and how to set up and run sound equipment such as JamHub. He is an important part of the mix in helping students understand, maintain, and get the most out of their instruments.

Managing CMC is now his passion, as he is an integral part of CMC’s vision and excellence.