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Michael Paik is a guitarist who was born and raised in Northern Virginia. Michael first began learning guitar from his father at the age of 10. After taking lessons for a few years he began playing regularly at Open Door Presbyterian Church, a fact that he considers very important to his learning.

While playing at church regularly, Michael was involved in the classical guitar department at his school and studied with teachers such as Joseph Ikner and Sam Wong. This early development in classical music allowed him to polish his technique so that he could later play styles such as jazz, rock, blues, and pop with technical fluidity.

After high school, Michael decided to study Jazz Guitar at the Jacobs School of Music at Indiana University. There, he studied guitar with NYC recording artist Dave Stryker (Stanley Turrentine, Jack Mcduff) and also had the chance to work with professors and artists such as Tyron Cooper, Crystal Talifiero (Billy Joel, Bruce Springsteen), Wayne Wallace, Luke Gillespie, Walter Smith III, John Raymond, Todd Coolman (Art Blakey), Steve Houghton (Freddie Hubbard), and Tierney Sutton.

After graduating from the Jacobs School of Music, Michael is currently involved in the D.C Jazz Scene working with artists such as Lionel Lyles of the Lionel Lyles Quintet and plays frequently around the D.C area at clubs such as BIN 1301, The Colony Club, Columbia Station, and Mr. Henry’s.

Michael believes that everyone has inherent musicality and that everyone can learn music no matter their background, age, or level. Michael has been teaching guitar in the Northern Virginia area for 6 years.