Remarkable Growth and the @4410 Value

Remarkable Growth and the @4410 Value

It’s been a remarkable growth that’s been fantastic to witness. CMC and @4410 has been such an amazing venue for my son in the past year. The way that he’s been absorbed into the community there makes me question if it’s really been only a year!

The @4410 value cannot be understated!

I noticed Michael’s propensity for music at a very young age. Natural gifts like his cannot be wasted and I encouraged music in every way I could. Before finding CMC, Michael had lessons in trumpet, piano, guitar, drums and bass and while he always picked up the basics quickly the commitment to work hard and learn more never really took hold. He liked most of his past teachers but always left lessons seeming more bored than eager.

CMC and @4410 has dramatically changed Michael’s commitment and motivation. It seems a big part of that was teachers and mentors focusing not only on Michael’s talent but building confidence, encouraging creativity, and a healthy balance of allowing Michael’s input on song selection while introducing him to many other genres and artists, both in his individual lessons and the Rock Camp bands. He’s learned to appreciate music on a very different level and his tastes and likes have branched out remarkably.

Michael’s lessons with Dan always have him leaving CMC completely pumped. The car ride home is filled with loud music, singing, and talks of what he’s learning and working on. Dan has undeniably been a major factor in Michael’s new found commitment to practice almost daily and try new technics. Michael has a new found self-assurance and is less timid about playing for others since working with Dan. The two of them are a great combination, which Jerry knew instinctively when he decided Dan would be the best choice for Michael’s lessons. Jerry was right!

The Summer Rock Camp experience was nothing less than extraordinary. The production at the end of camp was a true musical experience. I would go to an event like that WITHOUT my son being on stage. The young performers were wonderful, talented, endearing, upbeat, and noticeably excited. The atmosphere Menzie, Jerry, and Griffin created for my son was that of encouragement, creativity, hard work, and respect. There’s not a person that hits that stage that isn’t supported by their teachers and band mates 100% and it shows in the notable confidence emitted from each young artist.

Michael is also interning @4410, helping with events and learning so much. He’s developing relationships with not only the manager and owner, both fantastic mentors for any young man; but also the funny, talented, silly, supportive staff and fellow interns he’s surrounded by. The events he’s able to be a part of are an eclectic grouping of fantastic artists. @4410 has performances involving many genres, everyone is bound to find events to enjoy. The open mic nights are a fantastic way for anyone to come share their talents and be fearless! There is nothing from the audience but support and encouragement. The safe, creative, reassuring, and kind environment is a terrific place for children and teens.

I am thrilled to have found CMC and @4410. After working for years to find an avenue for my reclusive son to be driven to hone his talent and come out of his shell CMC and 4410 has done exactly that…in record time! Michael is significantly more upbeat, confident, outgoing, and focused. It’s been a remarkable growth that’s been fantastic to witness. Menzie and Jerry have created a remarkable experience for children, and I’m one grateful Mom. To hear more about the @4410 value, contact us today.

Michael Syndstrup