Rock Camp – A life changing experience

Rock Camp – A life changing experience

As a Mom of two kids at CMC I have seen first hand what they have accomplished for our local community, and for my family.

My kids called Rock Camp “A life changing experience!”  I have seen this place spark a new passion for music and performing.  They took music lessons other places, but this place is different. CMC has them hooked!

Rock Camp “A life changing experience!”

My kids came back from their first Rock Camp experience very excited about music and wanting to know how many new instruments they could learn.  They have both picked up a second instrument and would do more if we had the time.  The instructors have so much knowledge and expertise, but most of all, the instructors inspire them. My kids are each taking lessons here too, and love their teachers.  I never have to ask them to practice.

They are both in their second round of Rock Camp and have asked if they can keep doing it “forever”.   They have started asking about coming to open mic night too. Music has literally changed their lives!

– Joanne