Just Another Night of Success

Just Another Night of Success

Contemporary Music Center – Where Music Comes to Life

By: Anna Ramos

Just another night of success at Contemporary Music Center’s Open Mic Night @4410 this Friday. The atmosphere was once again amazing with the pounding bass indiscernible from the audience’s racing heartbeats. That combined with the talented, committed musicians from across Prince William County, as well as a visit from Battlefield High School’s student body President Steven Tian, made for a very special Open Mic Night.

Namita Palahalli and Emily Mann began the night with a rendition of Sam Smith’s Stay with Me and Say Something, by A Great Big World and Christina Aguilera. Following Zach Ortiz on guitar was an @4410 regular, Steve Dittmer, singing a song he described as falling “just short of Broadway.” Next he sang American Pie by Don Mclean. Joining him was Battlefield bobcat Andrew Young, and both teacher and student had everyone clapping along before the song was through. Young then wooed the audience (who also couldn’t help falling in love) with his cover of Elvis Presley’s Can’t Help Falling in Love. President Tian commented on what he called the “two best musicians at Battlefield,” saying, “Mr. Dittmer is a true Battlefield legend, a god, and to see [him] play along with another Battlefield legend–Andrew Young, is an incredible opportunity.” Then, Devin Thistle rocked out on stage as the audience sang (and whistled) along to a Guns and Roses favorite, Patience.

One performance that particularly hooked the crowd’s attention was a dance act by Nilchil Gambhir, Chris Green and Michael Reeves. Green and Gambhir switched off with a series of elaborate, robotic moves while Reeves was a whirlwind on the floor. Flowing to a mix of electric and drums, the threesome moved as though the music reverberated through their bodies. I had the opportunity to share the stage with the evening’s amazing talents debuting one of my original songs, Heart Thievery.

Afterwards Alayna Young and Angelina Bruckschen performed a cover of Justin Bieber’s popular song Love Yourself. The two young musicians showed both confidence and passion onstage and had the audience once again clapping.

Closing out the night with a cover of Halestorm’s Familiar Taste of Poison and Bent to Fly by Slash were Patriot pioneer Emily Steadman, vocalist, accompanied by Shane Mauck on electric guitar. The stage light’s color scheme added to the eerie mood set by the duo and a shot of adrenaline.

Overall, it was a great night. The audience was very receptive and everyone looked to be having fun. Families brought their dinners while enjoying live music. The supportive and inviting environment was the perfect place for aspiring music artists. The next Open Mic Night is this coming Friday, and I absolutely cannot wait!

photos by www.haymarketjoephotography.com