The End Of A Great Year

The End Of A Great Year

The End Of A Great Year – BHS Open Mic Night

By Emma Hummer

The last open mic night of the school year was a success. Although there was the devastating fact that beloved journalism teacher, Charlotte Peyton, is done teaching there were plenty of good times too. There were 13 performances in all, ranging from vocal to instrumental to dance performances.

The night began with a wonderful introduction by Jerry Hammack. Throughout the night Heather Trobridge MC’d the event very well and managed to keep the audience entertained in between performances.

Charlotte Peyton shared two heartfelt original poems with guitar accompaniment by Zach Ortiz. The first poem was a tribute to all of the students she has taught over the years. There were very few dry eyes left in the room after she finished. Her second poem was another tribute but this time, it was to her daughter Sabrina who is a graduating senior. Peyton felt that, “my experience with @4410 has been amazing. everyone is so nice and welcoming and it really feels like a family.” Even though this is her last open mic night as a teacher at Battlefield, Peyton said she will still continue to come and show support.

Among the many talents presented that night there was a rap song by Essam Temuri. The rap was entitled “Songbird” and it was very intense and full of emotion. By the end of the song it left the audience completely enthralled.

History teacher, Mr. Dittmer shared his talents with us through song. Dittmer has a wonderful voice, similar to Frank Sinatra. Many of his students were absolutely baffeled and amazed at his singing talents. He was truly amazing to watch.

During Andrew Young’s performance he created a spectacular moment that you had to see to believe. While he was singing his song he got the crowd to sing the chorus, “one step closer”. Everyone in the room felt connected it was amazing. After his song was over he did an odd ritual. After every performance Young likes to do “30 seconds of death metal” and he did just that. The crowd was confused at first but then warmed up to the loud music.

@4410 has been truly a blessing to host Battlefield’s open mic nights this year. They allow all of the proceeds to go to Battlefields news magazine, Inside 15000. Before @4410, the school open mic nights were held in the school’s cafeteria. Once the location was changed it gained more and more popularity. The staff of Inside 15000 is so grateful for the generosity of @4410. Even though this was the last Battlefield open mic night with our beloved Mrs. Peyton, there is still much more in store for @4410 and I can’t wait to see!