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Rock Camp at CMC


  • June 19 – June 30
  • July 3 – July 14
  • July 17 – July 28
  • July 31 – Aug. 11
  • Dress Rehearsal – Aug. 12
  • Concert Date – August 13
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Year after year,  Contemporary Music Center’s Rock Camp receives national recognition and is considered one of the best music camps in the country. With support from Roland,  Breedlove, Jam Hub, Yamaha, and Zildjian. CMC’s Rock Camp has become known for its unique quality and the experience it provides to students.

This program has become known for its unique quality and the experience it provides to students. Rock Camp comes in two varieties – Summer Rock Camp and Rock-Camp 2.0.

Contemporary Music Center’s Secret Weapon

As the one who oversees CMC’s Rock Camp, Menzie Pittman, the founder of Contemporary Music Center, shares his unique experience from twenty-five years of performing around the country. Every detail is handled as it would be in the pros. Menzie also draws on his twenty year teaching career and his connections with the area’s finest talent pool. Clearly, experience is our true secret weapon.

Rock Camp National Recognition

In 2012, CMC partnered with The Hylton Center for the Performing Arts, and the concert performance won CMC a cover story in Music Inc. Magazine. Jennifer Paisley (from NAMM’s School Jam competition) did the honors of emceeing the event. Playing to a sold out crowd, before heading to the autograph table and the VIP red carpet area, gave our Rock Stars the unique experience Contemporary Music Center is known to provide.

From the Teaching Staff to the Smiles on the Musician’s Faces

Every step before the concert is reviewed so that the experience of our budding rock stars is extraordinary. The musicians own the process from day one. Working with top flight instructors, the musicians choose the material and develop the style and presentation of the band. They are coached on what makes an ensemble work and sound good, and they are also coached on what doesn’t work. CMC teaches the visual aspect of performance and helps the musicians understand how to develop a marketing strategy, but most importantly, we teach the understanding of how to relax and have fun with music. The most common response received from our musicians is, “That was the best time I had all summer.”