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A student’s musical journey starts with curiosity and desire, a productive teacher fuels those traits. A great music school knows how to find those same traits in its teaching staff, and a great director never settles for less than an inspirational staff. Contemporary Music Center is driven by these principals. That is the single reason our programs and music school are better.

CMC’s Music School Programs

Private Lessons - Music School

Individual Lessons – Music School

Individual lessons focus on the student’s personal development in all areas and the teachers tailor the lesson plan to the student’s specific needs, while mapping out a course for them follow while they develop.

@4410 - Music School

I know that I am where I’m meant to be

So I’m standing on a carpet in four inch heels, in front of a microphone, crammed next to an insanely talented guitarist and a legend of a drummer…

Rock Camp - Music School

Rock Camp

In only its fifth year, Contemporary Music Center’s Rock Camp program received national recognition in the November issue of Music Inc. Magazine and was touted as one of the best music camps in the country.

Winter Recital

Every year Contemporary Music Center hosts a Winter Recital. This program is to celebrate the efforts of our student musicians as we invite them to perform both as individuals and in groups.

Meet Our Teachers…

Brad Davis


Brad Davis

Brad Davis is a performing percussionist who has been involved in music for over thirty-five years.

James Todd

Trumpet, Piano, Vocal & Music Theory

James Todd

Dr. Todd is a highly qualified and experienced master teacher. He earned both his BA and MA in music from the University of Washington.

Joshua Dixon


Joshua Dixon

With over 20 years of guitar playing, performance, and studies, Joshua Dixon enjoys sharing his love for music and his passion for the guitar with others.

Brian Shanley


Brian Shanley

Brian has 15 years experience as both a music educator and professional musician.