Menzie Pittman

A Students Musical Journey at CMC

Since I began teaching, it has always been my intention to affect the outcome of my student’s musical journey, experiences, and opportunities.

As Director of Education for CMC, my job is to provide the very best musical opportunities for all of CMC’s students. So, I thought I would discuss what CMC offers a music student when they join our family.

The first goal of CMC is to advance a music student’s experience.

A Students Musical Journey at CMC

At CMC we offer the youngest budding musicians the opportunity to get their first exposure to sound study through their student’s musical journey . Classes are designed to encourage the expansion of artistic curiosity, and early musical development. Conducted by a qualified music instructor, this is an amazing way to expose your children to the world of music and sound. As our students grow with their musical knowledge and experience, our lesson programs are tailored to support all developing levels of musical learning.

With individual music lessons, a student comes on board to advance all skill levels. We start with an understanding of the musician, his/her needs, desires and developmental level. We do this for vocalists as well. There is a constant dialogue between the teacher, the customer, the CMC staff, and myself to facilitate this process. Each music teacher has been asked to join our staff because I believe they have a specialized skill that will help the music students grow. As a student advances, the instructors help prepare the student for performances, and solo festivals, and also assist with band and orchestral proficiencies. The teacher also helps with organization and discipline, while bolstering the general creative process, and assists the development of personal music projects as well. Whether the student is bound for Nashville, North Texas State, the Kennedy Center, New York, L.A. or the 9:30 Club, it is our job to advance that cause. In the past we have helped students achieve exactly that.

Do you want a group experience? We believe you do. That is what our summer Rock Camps are all about. Far be it from CMC to do this half way. Our Rock Camps have quickly become the event of the summer. We have guest artists and all kinds of players floating around, and a spectacular performance at the conclusion. There is also an adult program unlike any other, with multiple clinicians involved. Serious rockin for serious fun.

We bet our reputation on it every day.

Come experience the Student’s Musical Journey at CMC.