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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

People do it all the time, how do I know? Because our repair men are so busy. Cheap instruments, quick deals, unbelievable prices, are all ways you can get burned on line, be careful, generally speaking it’s not a great idea.

Yes, However the circumstances have to be perfect. For CMC to buy a used instrument the condition must be impeccable. When we find the right choice of used instruments we price them fairly and they sell quickly. CMC also has relationships with collectors of hard to find (no longer manufactured) instruments as well, and we have coordinated a few wonderful sales of collectables.

Yes. Some instruments are right for beginners and some are better choices for people who have played longer. A beginner doesn’t need a high end guitar but they still need quality, stick with leaders – names you know and trust. Stay away from junk, why buy twice?

In some circumstances customers have very specific musical needs, and Contemporary Music Center takes the time to understand those needs and what instrument or materials will suite the customer’s need best. Products are reviewed and discussed with the customer, together with CMC and then a special order is placed the product the customer request. It generally takes only three to five business days for a special order to arrive, if the manufacture has the product in stock.

Service service service and more service, It is our belief that CMC is a better choice. While our prices are competitive, our service goes beyond. When Contemporary Music Center sells a drum set to a customer, we deliver it to the customer’s home, set the drum set up, tune it, AND give the student a drum lesson on the new instrument with the sale as well. To our knowledge NO ONE ELSE offers this service or any thing remotely close. That’s the CMC advantage.

CMC’s Education program is renowned, and our music lessons are tailored to each individual student. The difference our “one on one” private instruction makes in your ability to advance on the instrument is immeasurable. It’s the only way to go!

Yes, there are no hidden costs when you rent from CMC.

Yes, CMC carries all major brands and only rent out the best quality instruments available.

Yes and this is a good example of why renting at first can more beneficial than purchasing as renting allows you the privilege of sizing up.

The answer varies, depending on your situation – If you have never played, and you want to participate in a school music program, renting may be more suitable for your needs.

The initial discounted rental period is three months(if started during “Back to School” program) or regularly month to month. You may return the instrument at any time.

There is no “right age” CMC has had students start at the age of four and do amazing things. But some children at the age of four are not ready. Six years old may be the right age for them. One of my favorite success stories was a student who started at the age of thirty five, he was committed, and did very well learning to play songs he had loved his whole life. I also had the CFO of a major new publication start studying as an adult with me; she studied for four years, doing a performance at their annual holiday party, playing in front of all her co workers. That’s what it’s all about.

Music is an opportunity for a person to know themselves at the deepest level; it’s a chance to tap into your creative expression, a chance to expand, and experience. To me no child or adult should miss that opportunity.

Some adults never had the opportunity to learn music at a young age, the only block that can keep you from succeeding to the highest level is YOU. I had a student who started at the age of seventy five and who did extremely well.

Don’t get me wrong, there are definitely different talent levels, but after teaching for forty years what I noticed the most was the effect that passion and joy had on the ability to learn. I have taught students with great “natural” gifts but who lacked drive and commitment, therefore their results were muted. Desire is the most important element, when it comes to musical achievement. Belief is the magic.

  • This is the #1 most frequently asked question. The Answer depends on a few things.
  • Are you going to use an instructor? I believe a qualified instructor should cut the learning time in 1/2. As well as spare you the dreaded dead end street experiences of the “self taught”.
  • How much do you practice? If you practice with honest commitment, your pace of growth will keep you so astounded you won’t care about how long it takes. It is a process with different gratification levels.
  • You must believe you can do this? Don’t ask me why, but the mind set is the difference. The less resistance the student has about learning the more fluid and faster the pace. Therefore results and successes come sooner.


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