@4410 ‘s First Anniversary Show!

@4410 ‘s First Anniversary Show!

 The community came together Friday June 20th to celebrate the one-year anniversary of @4410. 4410 and CMC have conquered so much in just one year; from teaching students music, to having shows performed in the underground music scene below Contemporary Music Center. The theme of the show was reflection. Reflections of how Contemporary Music Center, and the community are keeping the arts alive. The main goal of @4410 is to create a dialogue between our community, and us, as said by owner Menzie Pittman, “We want to talk to you.”

The performances were not just meant to showcase the artists who teach and attend here, but it was meant to celebrate the moments that have happened. Teachers and students both took the stage playing a wide range of instruments accompanied by a diverse set of singers. The style of music itself varied tremendously. The first performer Michael Harrington, a guitar instructor here at CMC, played an effortless medley of American favorites laced with emotion and technique.

@4410 is somewhat of a dream world. It is an amazing opportunity for fresh artists to perform on a professional stage. In just one year @4410 has transformed some of these beginning artists into confident professionals. Take for example Lauren Dill, who performed pop renditions during the anniversary show. She came here for vocal lessons and now has a once in a lifetime opportunity to audition for the hit show The Voice.

CMC and @4410 show hope and guidance for these students. Another key aspect that was reflected on is that it is never too late to start. The Contemporary Music Center has students ranging between the ages of 8-45 years old. One of the great opportunities they offer as well is the chance to join rock camp. One can collaborate with other artists to perfect their craft. The second to last performance of the night was proof that Rock Camp is a success. Performing pop songs were 4 young artists who joined together at Rock Camp, forming a band to perform at the anniversary show. Instruments included guitar, bass, piano, and drums. The quality of their music and performance was almost identical to a professional recording artist. So, happy one-year anniversary to @4410 where dreams of an artist are shaped into realities.

By Colleen Ratigan