Guitar Instructor

Haymarket Location

 Recital Facilitator

With over 20 years of guitar playing, performance, and studies, Joshua Dixon enjoys sharing his love for music and his passion for the guitar with others. After studying classical guitar and theory under Rex Willis, in Tampa Florida, Joshua applied his technique to the myriad of open and alternative tunings, finding unusual voicings to share with students looking for new approaches to the instrument. Wanting to further his musical skills, he began studying with world-renowned guitarist Michael Fath, which he continues to this day. 

Specializing in acoustic roots music, Joshua has expanded his abilities to include mandolin and ukulele. With years of teaching students of all ages, from beginner to advanced, he has developed a variety of teaching styles to meet the needs of each students unique talents, keeping everyone engaged and motivated about learning an instrument. 

With a belief that creativity built upon fundamentals, yields the best results, Joshua’s teaching gives a foundation of music theory and quality musicianship, while promoting exploration, creativity, and a real love of music.

Joshua Dixon