Haymarket Rentals

Haymarket Rentals

Why Rent With CMC?

Contemporary Music Center offers the finest Musical Instrument Rental Program in Haymarket, VA available anywhere!

Our program features:

  • Low Monthly Rental Rates
  • 100% of Rental Payments apply towards the purchase of your instrument
  • There is NO obligation to buy
  • All instruments are of the highest quality and Educator Approved
  • When the school season starts CMC always offers a back to school discount special
  • On all CMC rentals a maintenance plan is available
  • CMC offers an easy exchange policy
  • Easy up-grade policy
  • Easy return policy
  • And Contemporary Music Center is known for its unparalleled service
  • Plus Repairs, Private Lessons, Instruction Books, and all the musical accessories you’ll need are all here in ONE PLACE!

Haymarket Location

4410 Costello Way, Haymarket, VA 20169

Contemporary Music Center Haymarket, VA