Chantilly Rentals

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Why Rent With CMC?

Contemporary Music Center offers the finest Musical Instrument Rental Program in Chantilly, VA available anywhere!

Our program features:

  • Low Monthly Rental Rates
  • 100% of Rental Payments apply towards the purchase of your instrument
  • There is NO obligation to buy
  • All instruments are of the highest quality and Educator Approved
  • When the school season starts CMC always offers a back to school discount special
  • On all CMC rentals a maintenance plan is available
  • CMC offers an easy exchange policy
  • Easy up-grade policy
  • Easy return policy
  • And Contemporary Music Center is known for its unparalleled service
  • Plus Repairs, Private Lessons, Instruction Books, and all the musical accessories you’ll need are all here in ONE PLACE!

Chantilly Location

14155 Sullyfield Circle, Chantilly, VA 20151

Chantilly, VA Interior