A student’s musical journey starts with curiosity and desire, a productive teacher fuels those traits. A great music school knows how to find those same traits in its teaching staff, and a great director never settles for less than an inspirational staff. Contemporary Music Center is driven by these principals. That is the single reason our programs and music school are better.

CMC’s Music School Programs

Private Lessons - Music School

Individual Lessons

Individual lessons focus on the student’s personal development in all areas and the teachers tailor the lesson plan to the student’s specific needs, while mapping out a course for them follow while they develop.

In perusing expression on an instrument a student must first know three things. They must know how the instrument works and understand the playing techniques required. They must know the role of the instrument in performance. And most importantly they must understand their individual learning style.

Individual lessons are the key to a student thriving in musical development.

Sessions - Music School


Sessions a weekly group program strengthens the skills taught through private lessons and teaches students how to apply that knowledge in a group experience through our music school. It is the perfect introduction into the group setting. One hour a week, students meet with a qualified CMC instructor in pursuit of the shared passion to play, perform, create, and succeed. The students rehearse, arrange and write songs, with the end goal being a performance.

Rock Camp - Music School

Rock Camp

In only its fifth year, Contemporary Music Center’s Rock Camp program received national recognition in the November issue of Music Inc. Magazine and was touted as one of the best music camps in the country. With support from Roland, Epiphone, Bedell, Jam Hub, Pearl Drums and Zildjian, CMC‘s Rock Camp has become known for its unique quality and the experience it provides to students. Every step before the concert is reviewed so that the experience of our budding rock stars is extraordinary. The musicians own the process from day one. Working with top flight instructors, the musicians choose the material and develop the style and presentation of the band. The most common response received from our musicians is, “That was the best time I had all summer.”

Winter Festival - Music School

Winter Festival

Every year Contemporary Music Center hosts a Winter Festival. This program is to celebrate the efforts of our student musicians as we invite them to perform both as individuals and in groups.

Performance is the most natural way for students to develop poise, self confidence, and self- esteem, all important aspects in developing leadership and communication skills.

Events @4410 - Music School

Events @4410

Contemporary Music Center’s dedicated performance center, and newest venture. Located downstairs in our Haymarket location at 4410 Costello Way Haymarket VA.

@4410 is a place designed for student’s to perform their music. We will feature such events as an Open Mic Nights, Recitals, and Clinics, Teacher performances, Special events and Concerts.

@4410 is the “students place”…designed for them as a place they can congregate knowing they are safe and the environment is positive.

Where is it happening? @4410 of course.

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Meet Our Teachers - Music School

Meet Our Teachers

Find out about our wonderful array of teachers at Contemporary Music Center with bios, locations and what instruments and classes they teach.