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May 2015

May 25
Memorial Day

Memorial Day

Show starts at 12:00pm


May 28
Bluegrass Slow Jam – 7pm

Bluegrass Slow Jam – 7pm

Bluegrass Slow Jam - 7pm

Show starts at 12:00pm

Slow Bluegrass Jam – Thursday May 28th!! 7:00pm – 8:30pm

Slow and medium tempo jam assisted by CMC’s Bluegrass banjo instructor.

All bluegrass instruments welcome.

Know just three chords? Welcome.

Never played with others? Welcome.

We are there to help you!

The Jam Starts promptly at 7:00pm. You can register to let us know you are coming, or just stop on by and get to pickin’!
This jam will be held in our state-of-the-art performance room, @4410, located at

4410 Costello Way Haymarket, VA 20169. Look for our sign out back!

Admission free  (tips optional for the instructors)

May 29
KINGs – May 29 – 8pm

KINGs – May 29 – 8pm

The Kings - May 29 - 7:30

Show starts at 8:00pm

KINGs – May 29 – 8pm

Featuring the intoxicating soulfulness of lead vocalist Phil Naro,the throbbing melodic bass lines of Joe Macre, the hard-driving pulsing keyboards of Vinne DePaul,the frenetic intensity of drummer Corey Holland and the wickedly visceral wails of lead guitarist Michael Fath, KINGs are an electric blend of influences and complexity.

Formed in 2014 after Vinnie DePaul and Joe Macre of the popular Baltimore based band Crack The Sky, reached out to Michael Fath and Corey Holland about forming a new hard-driving group and KINGs was born. “We all just hit it off right away,” says Vinnie DePaul, “we booked some dates and it’s been real magic ever since.”

KINGs members have an impressive history of longevity and accolades in the rock industry that have made them thousands of fans over the years.

Phil Naro (vocals) won a Daytime Emmy award for singing the theme song for the cartoon “6Teen” and was the front man of the 80’s rock band Talas. Phil has worked with several iconic musicians including Lou Gramm (Foreigner), Peter Criss (KISS) and Larry Gowen (Styx) and is an internationally acclaimed composer, singer, guitarist and producer.

Joe Macre (bassist) is the founder of Cuppajoemusic which produces various artists and composes scores and sound design for film and television, including Nickelodeon, Showtime and Oprah Winfrey. Joe recorded five albums and toured with Crack The Sky from 1975-1980 and was nominated for a Grammy award in 1997 for DFW Mass Choir’s “For His Glory”. Performing with artists such as Styx, ELO, Jim Croce, David Sanborn and Marie Osmond, Joe also played bass with Wild Cherry of “Play That Funky Music” fame. As a producer, he has recorded and mixed artists from Pat Boone to Run DMC.

Vinnie DePaul (keyboards) formerly performed with Crack The Sky and has toured with prominent artists such as ELO, Foreigner, Aerosmith, The Cars and Blue Oyster Cult. Vinnie has collaborated with Todd Rundgren and Hall and Oates and was featured on The Tonight Show, The Tom Snyder Show and Good Morning America when he was a member of the band NEON (featuring the legendary Tony Bennett’s sons Danny and Dae).

Corey Holland (drummer) is a nationally acclaimed drummer, songwriter, engineer and producer whose sessions and touring appearances include Joe Lynn Turner, Pat Travers and Switched At Birth.

Michael Fath (lead guitar) is a multi-instrumentalist being proficient in banjo and mandolin and well as electric and acoustic guitar. Michael is also an internationally acclaimed composer, producer and vocalist having released 25 solo albums and being named “Instrumentalist of the Year” by Guitar Magazine, as well as having four WAMMY awards for Rock Instrumentalist of the Year. He has produced several pop, rock, roots and jazz acts including WIZZARD, Mary Ann Redmond and Steve Whiteman (KIX) and was inducted into both the DC and L.A. Hard Rock Cafe Walls of Fame.

Hard-hitting, intense and all together mind-blowing,  KINGs is pure unadulterated rock and roll akin to the wailing guitars of Led Zeppelin and the fiery passion of Queen but with their own unique style and delivery.

A KINGs live show is a fiery, fuel-injected experience blending unique lyrics, heart stomping guitar riffs and head-bashing percussion; bringing a frenetic stadium caliber performance to their fervent audiences.

“There’s nothing better than a live performance,” says Michael Fath, “we’ve found a cohesive energy and everyone’s in the same mind set that it’s fun making great music and to be improvisational; we have a wealth of songs right now and are collaborating on more for our next 45.”

“Instead of making one long record, we decided to put out singles like they used to do years ago and give those away at our live shows, “explains Vinnie DePaul, “once we’ve released six of those, we’ll record one long album.”

Their current EP was recorded at the band member’s studios and illustrates KINGs high-octane sound from the opening track of “Glass Mountain” to the catchy, guitar-driven “Black and Blue”, showcasing their penchant for writing original songs with innovative harmonies and dynamic vocals.  “Glass Mountain” is basically a fantasy song and “Black and Blue” is about a breakup,” says Phil Naro, “I presented these to the guys in rough form and we put them together in our studios-the drums and guitar at Corey’s studio, the keyboards and bass at Vinnie and Joe’s studios and the vocals at mine. Both of these songs are really heartfelt tunes; I poured my heart into them as much as I could.”

KINGs are no strangers to the complex tapestry of the rock and roll landscape, having individually built a fan base over the years and are now coming together to fire it up and blaze the sky!

May 30

Private Party Rental – May 30

Private Event

Show starts at 6:00pm

You can rent @4410 for your event too. Contact us at


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