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Violin Virginia If you would like to play the violin, Virginia is a lovely place in which to learn. Study violin in Virginia under a patient and competent instructor at Contemporary Music Center. At the time of this writing, we own and operate two very nice music schools in Virginia. One is located at 4410 Costello Way in Haymarket, Virginia and the other is situated in Chantilly at 14155-J Sullyfield Circle. Both of our music stores in Virginia are open six days a week. Buy a sweet violin Virginia from us. Please call for driving directions and store hours. Our Haymarket number is 571.261.5000. Our Chantilly number is 703.817.1000.

At Contemporary Music stores, we sell a bit of everything. We sell a sweet selection of stringed instruments, pianos, brass instruments, woodwinds, percussion instruments and drum kits. Of course, we also stock and sell all the accessories you could ever need. If you are a guitarist looking for Dean Markley, Martin or D'Addario strings, you will find them at Contemporary Music stores. If you're a drummer shopping for Remo drumheads or Zildjian cymbals, you will find them at our music stores. Want a new violin? Virginia residents who require top notch musical gear know to visit Contemporary Music Center stores.

Music can provide a lot of special joy to one's life. So many of us get stuck in a rut of work, work and more work. Like the old saying goes, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. This is actually truer than you might think. Yes, it's necessary to work to support ourselves. At least it is for most people. But, if all you do is work and sleep, you will miss out on a whole lot of happiness. Violin lessons in Virginia will add a dimension of joy to your life that nothing but music can provide.

Here at Contemporary Music Centers, we are all about providing ways for people to enjoy making real music. It's a bit scary to know that more kids play video games than participate in actual music classes. Part of this awful fact may be that public schools have been forced to cut music classes out of their already limited budgets. The way we see it, this is a real crime. Music adds a special dimension to one's life that cannot be replaced by amusing but essentially pointless video music games. Sure, people, especially youngsters, have a fine time playing games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band. Nothing can take the place of being able to take hold of a violin in Virginia and make it sing.
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