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Piano Lessons Northern Virginia If you have always wanted to play an instrument, piano lessons in northern Virginia might be right for you. Perhaps you were forced to take piano lessons in northern Virginia as a child. While some kids take to music lessons like a catfish takes to muddy water, many kids balk when their parents insist that they practice. And, without practice, it's impossible to become entirely proficient on any instrument. Piano lessons northern Virginia should be pleasant. Actually, they should be more than pleasant-- piano lessons northern Virginia should be fun. If the piano lessons northern Virginia that you took as a child were not delightful, this doesn't mean that you can never learn to play the piano or other musical instrument. Far from it. No matter what your age, you can learn to play an instrument, if you dedicate yourself to the task. You don't even have to be born with special talent. Yes, it helps a lot if you can tell when a note is sharp or flat. If you are a hopeless case, we will tell you. The fact of the matter is, we have taken on students well into their eighth decade of life and patiently taught them to strum a guitar, pluck a banjo or play the piano in a most delightful fashion.

Here at Contemporary Music Centers, we are all about providing ways for people to enjoy real, hand-made music. It's a bit frightening to know that more kids play video games that simulate the playing of a musical instrument than participate in actual music classes. Part of this sorry fact may be that many public schools have been forced to cut music classes out of their already limited yearly budgets. The way we see it, this is a real shame. Music adds a special dimension to one's life that cannot be replaced by amusing but fundamentally pointless video music games. Sure, people, especially youngsters, have a grand old time playing games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band. Perhaps anything that gets kids interested and enthused about music is a good thing. Still, nothing can take the place of being able to touch an actual musical instrument and make true music with it.

Piano lessons northern Virginia will give you a good all-around musical foundation. A keyboard allows easy visualization of the cycle of fifths and other music theories. Many people who avail themselves of quality piano lessons northern Virginia are able to learn how to play string, brass and woodwind instruments, as well. If not, piano is a perfectly lovely instrument to stay with for life. When you are ready to schedule a series of piano lessons northern Virginia, call our Haymarket school at 571.261.5000 or our Chantilly music school at 703.817.1000.
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