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Hip Hop Dancing

Hip Hop Dancing You might look at someone doing hip hop dancing and think that you could never learn moves like that. Hip hop dancing is energetic and lots of fun, if you know how to do it. Check our selection of instructional dance programs, DVDs and iPhone apps. Order online or call Kevin Andrews at 888.808.8460.

There are not many 'new' dances that take the world of popular culture by storm that way that hip hop dancing has. Hip hop dancing began as a form of creative street expression in the mid to late 1970s in the Bronx part of New York. The beats and rhythms of hip hop dance are popularly credited to one Jamaican-born DJ Cool Herc who heavily influenced the culture with his improvised beats, raps and rhythms. Today, hip hop dancing is still in the streets, but it has also found its way into all sorts of popular cultural venues such as Broadway productions, television shows and concert halls. Anyone who wishes to learn the latest hip hop dancing moves would do well to take lessons from a very good teacher. A great teacher with an excellent hip hop dancing curriculum can show each step of hip hop dancing and then show how to combine basic dance moves into an exciting and entertaining dance routine.

When several hip hop dancers work together in formation, the effect can be quite thrilling to behold. If you are a dance instructor who wishes to incorporate hip hop dancing into your lesson plan, you will want to know about the easy and effective dance curriculum we offer for sale at this website. Master dance choreographer Kevin Andrews has compiled his remarkable knowledge of hip hop dance into an exciting and very learnable hip hop dance curriculum. With this curriculum, which is available on bound paper, as a computer program or an iPhone application, you can teach students of all ages and abilities the right way to do hip hop dancing.
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