Guitar Lessons Gainesville

Guitar Lessons Gainesville

So, you want to shred on guitar. This is a noble goal, but first you must learn the rudiments of the instrument. In one pair of hands, the guitar is nothing more than polished wood, tuning machines and strings. In the hands of an accomplished musician, the guitar is simply magic. If you have aspirations to play a Stratocaster like Jimi Hendrix or make a classic Gibson Les Paul sound like Jimmy Page, you are simply going to have to take guitar lessons. Gainesville residents come to Contemporary Music Center to learn to play all sorts of musical instruments. While we may not be able to teach you about the didjeridu, we can teach you everything you need to know about the guitar, violin, piano or electric or standup bass. If you want to learn to sing like a pro, we have instructors that give excellent voice lessons, as well.

There is plenty of fun to be had with guitar lessons. Gainesville music students work hard, but the payoffs can be extreme. You do not have to walk into our music school with extraordinary talent. If you work with your instructor and dedicate yourself to daily practice, we can make a guitar player out of you. Whether your dream is to play Spanish guitar like Segovia or shred a Strat like Yngwie Malmsteen, CMC is the perfect place at which to take guitar lessons. Gainesville musicians have been coming to us to become better players for many years.

Our philosophy is one of musical joy and dedication. We believe that the path toward becoming a great player should be lighthearted and delightful. We encourage parents to be involved with their child's musical education. Our guitar lessons near Gainesville are usually half-hour sessions taught by one teacher to one student at a time. Occasionally, an hour-long session may be arranged at the discretion of both teacher and student. Practice time is a vital and necessary component of guitar lessons. Gainesville students must devote time to practicing every single day, if they wish to become a superior guitarist. Learning to play guitar or any instrument is such fun, practice time will not be a problem.

Guitar Lessons Gainesville
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