Drum Lessons Haymarket

Drum Lessons Haymarket

Do you hear an amazing drummer such as Ginger Baker or Charlie Watts and wonder how they got their chops? There is a right way and a wrong way to play a drum kit. There are proper and improper ways to hold the sticks. There is even a way to tune drums. Different styles of music require different types of sticks. Foot techniques must be learned along with drumming techniques. If you aspire to be a professional drummer or percussionist, a series of drum lessons in Haymarket will put you on the right track. There's so much more to good drumming than just sitting behind a kit and banging away on the skins with sticks. Drum lessons in Haymarket will teach you everything you need to know about keeping perfect rhythm and playing in an ensemble or band.

If you are the parent of a kid who seems to be banging out rhythms on everything he or she can find, drum lessons in Haymarket might be just the thing to focus that creative energy. Music lessons can be a memorable part of childhood. A kid avoiding practice time can be classic comedy, but the truth of the matter is most kids who take drum lessons in Haymarket actually look forward to rehearsal time. Drum lessons in Haymarket will give the student a solid understanding of the rudiments of time keeping and percussion. There is a lot more to excellent drumming than just counting to four. At Contemporary Music Center the drum student will learn how count the groove of 4/4 time, then progress onto more complicated time signatures. If you want to be provide the solid bottom of a band, you will need to know the basics as well as the fancy stuff. Once you have taken a series of drum lessons in Haymarket, you will understand what it means when a fellow musician asks you to play a sixteenth note pattern in 7/4 time. Yes, it may sound utterly confusing right now, but after you have taken drum lessons in Haymarket, it will all make sense to you.

When you are ready to know more about drum lessons in Haymarket, or if you'd like to enroll right now, give us a call at 571.261.5000. We can work with you to arrange a good time for you to come see our school and sit behind a drum kit to try it on for size.

Drum Lessons Haymarket
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