Guitar Lessons Virginia

guitar lessons virginia If everyone that plays guitar took guitar lessons, Virginia would be a sweeter sounding place. Our beautiful state boasts an abundance of pickers, many of whom are self-taught. This is not necessarily a bad thing. Many excellent guitarists have had few if any formal lessons. While this may work for some, players who wish to advance their musical careers would do well to avail themselves of a series of guitar lessons. Virginia is home to two of the finest music schools in the northeast area: Contemporary Music Centers in Chantilly and Haymarket, Virginia.

Contemporary Music Center is, as the name suggests, about more than just great guitar lessons. Virginia residents come to CMC for instruments, sheet music and accessories of all sorts. We rent instruments to students who attend our music classes or are learning at public school. We offer twenty seven rehearsal rooms and studios, too. When we called ourselves a music center, we really did mean it. If you are looking to purchase a Fender guitar and amplifier, we sell those. If you want a Spanish classical guitar, we sell those, as well. Whether you want a piano, a piccolo or a baritone saxophone, Contemporary Music Center is the best local place from which to obtain it.

Now about those guitar lessons in Virginia. Contemporary Music Center is proud to have such excellent music instructors on staff. Most of our music teachers are professional musicians themselves. For instance, Mr Dan Peterson of our Chantilly music school has been playing fretted instruments in military and civilian performance bands for nearly thirty years. Mr Peterson is entirely proficient at various stringed instruments, including banjo, guitar, ukulele, mandolin and dulcimer. You might think that his long military background would make him a strict teacher, but Mr Peterson is actually a very patient and congenial fellow. And, he loves to teach children and adults how to play stringed and fretted instruments. Another of our Chantilly instructors is Mr Doug Rainoff. Mr Rainoff has played guitar on more than ten albums and has even performed at the White House. Doug is well versed in classical guitar styles as well as jazz, blues and finger picking styles. If you take guitar lessons in Virginia from either of these teachers, you are sure to come away with an ability to hold a guitar in your hands and make it sing.

If you do not own a guitar, but wish to participate in guitar lessons in Virginia, we would be delighted to rent an instrument to you. If you are not one hundred percent certain that you will stick with your guitar lessons in Virginia, the rental option may be your best choice. Of course, all of your rental fees will be applied to the purchase of your instrument, should you decide to buy. Guitar Lessons Virginia

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Guitar Lessons Haymarket

There are certain guitarists that will go down in history. Generations from now, people will still be talking about Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton and Keith Richards. The electric guitar as it is known today was invented by one Lester Williams Polsfuss around 1950. You might know Mr Polsfuss better by the name Les Paul. Les was an innovator who changed the sound of popular music forever. Ask any professional player which musicians they admire, and the name Les Paul is bound to be mentioned. Whether you aspire to play like Carlos Santana, Slash or Joe Satriani, guitar lessons in Haymarket are the way to achieve your musical goal.

At Contemporary Music Center, we offer excellent guitar lessons in Haymarket and Chantilly. Learn the basic stuff like the names of the strings and how to tune your instrument. Learning to read musical notation will take you far in the music world. When your guitar lessons in Haymarket include sight reading and tablature, you will be able to play any song that has ever been written. If you want to do more than simply fun yet mindless jams with other musicians, the ability to sight read charts and tabs is an essential skill to have. Guitar lessons in Haymarket will give the student a solid musical background on which to build. Learn the basic theory and technique, devote yourself to regular practice sessions, and you are sure to become a fine guitarist.

Every killer guitarist from Andre Segovia to Yngwie Malmsteen got as good as they were by hours and hours and hours of practice. The corny saying, "practice makes perfect" really is true. The more you play, the better you will get. When you take guitar lessons in Haymarket, your teacher will give you a rehearsal plan which you should take to heart. If you are able to devote two or three hours a day to practice, that's great. If on some days, you can only manage half an hour, that's alright, too. The thing is to pick up your axe and play it as often as you can. Guitars get better the more you play them.

Guitar Lessons Gainesville

So, you want to shred on guitar. This is a noble goal, but first you must learn the rudiments of the instrument. In one pair of hands, the guitar is nothing more than polished wood, tuning machines and strings. In the hands of an accomplished musician, the guitar is simply magic. If you have aspirations to play a Stratocaster like Jimi Hendrix or make a classic Gibson Les Paul sound like Jimmy Page, you are simply going to have to take guitar lessons. Gainesville residents come to Contemporary Music Center to learn to play all sorts of musical instruments. While we may not be able to teach you about the didjeridu, we can teach you everything you need to know about the guitar, violin, piano or electric or standup bass. If you want to learn to sing like a pro, we have instructors that give excellent voice lessons, as well.

There is plenty of fun to be had with guitar lessons. Gainesville music students work hard, but the payoffs can be extreme. You do not have to walk into our music school with extraordinary talent. If you work with your instructor and dedicate yourself to daily practice, we can make a guitar player out of you. Whether your dream is to play Spanish guitar like Segovia or shred a Strat like Yngwie Malmsteen, CMC is the perfect place at which to take guitar lessons. Gainesville musicians have been coming to us to become better players for many years.

Our philosophy is one of musical joy and dedication. We believe that the path toward becoming a great player should be lighthearted and delightful. We encourage parents to be involved with their child's musical education. Our guitar lessons near Gainesville are usually half-hour sessions taught by one teacher to one student at a time. Occasionally, an hour-long session may be arranged at the discretion of both teacher and student. Practice time is a vital and necessary component of guitar lessons. Gainesville students must devote time to practicing every single day, if they wish to become a superior guitarist. Learning to play guitar or any instrument is such fun, practice time will not be a problem.

Guitar Lessons Chantilly

Many musicians are self-taught. Some people seem to have an innate ability to hear a song once and then plunk it out on piano or guitar. Learning to play an instrument this way can be fun, but most people that learn without formal lessons teach themselves bad habits and inferior technique. Maybe you are someone who learned to play guitar by looking at chord books. Perhaps you're even a professional player than never had a lesson. We commend your efforts, while inviting you to take one or more guitar lessons in Chantilly, Virginia.

Even if you know how to play, a few guitar lessons in Chantilly are sure to improve your musical chops. If you never learned to sight read sheet music, learning to do so may lead to better gigs. Sure, it's fun to jam with friends, but if you don't know how to read music, you will never get a gig as a studio musician. A series of guitar lessons in Chantilly can only be a very good thing. We can assess your skills and teach you things to make you a much better musician. If you've never played a lick in your life, we will teach you everything you need to know to be a decent guitarist. While it is true that not everyone will learn to play like Segovia or Clapton, a series of guitar lessons in Chantilly will make you the best player you can be.

There really is no perfect age to begin guitar lessons in Chantilly or anywhere else. Some very young children have shown an amazing interest in learning to play an instrument. Some have not felt the spark until their teenage years. Some people decide to pick up an axe and enroll in guitar lessons in Chantilly when they are well into their twenties. Some of our students always wanted to take guitar lessons in Chantilly, but didn't have the time for lessons until they had reached retirement age. Each student is a unique being with a time table and talents all their own. Our music teachers are patient with all their students. If you would like to know more about guitar lessons in Chantilly, please give Contemporary Music Center a call at 703.817.1000.

Guitar Lessons Arlington Va

Some people have a natural and innate talent for playing music. Most people are born with enough fingers to tune a radio or slip a CD into a player, but no natural musical gift. Still, it would be nice to be able to proficiently play a musical instrument. That's where Contemporary Music Center guitar lessons in Arlington, VA, may make a world of difference. It helps to have ten fingers, but please remember that the very remarkable Django Reinhardt only had the use of seven fingers. The well beloved Jerry Garcia had only nine digits. The thing is, if you are devoted to guitar lessons Arlington, VA, you will probably be able to learn to play songs and compositions on the acoustic and/or electric guitar.

When beginning guitar lessons Arlington, VA, it is probably a good idea to start on an acoustic guitar. For one thing, you won't drive your family and neighbors insane with loud, amplified sound as you are learning how to play. Once you know your scales and keys and strumming and picking techniques, you will want to show off your chops. But, for now, we recommend learning how to play on a nice acoustic guitar. If you already own an acoustic guitar, you are welcomed to bring it to your first of a series of guitar lessons in Arlington, VA. Allow your instructor to give it the once-over, to make certain that it is in playable and proper condition. There is no excuse for taking guitar lessons Arlington, VA, with a guitar that has a warped neck or unsound body. If the tuning machines are out of whack, and the guitar won't stay in tune, forget it. It is important to learn how to play guitar on a guitar that is worth playing. No, we do not require that you bring an expensive axe to your guitar lessons in Arlington, VA. Just bring a guitar that is worth learning on.

If you do not own a guitar, but wish to participate in guitar lessons Arlington, VA, we would be happy to rent an instrument to you. If you are not one hundred percent certain that you will stick with your guitar lessons in Arlington, VA, the rental option may be your best bet. Of course, all of your rental fees will be applied to the purchase of your instrument, should you decide to buy. We offer a nice selection of acoustic and electric guitars at our Haymarket and Chantilly Contemporary Music Centers. If you devote yourself to your guitar lessons in Arlington, VA, and you practice on the schedule your instructor suggests, you will be playing songs on the beautiful guitar sooner than you might imagine.

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