Retail: Contemporary Music Center has a great selection of quality instruments to meet your retail needs

Epiphone, Bedell, Roland, Eastman, Pearl and Zildjian to name only a few. The best quality instruments and great pricing.

Rock Camp: Nationally recognized by Music Inc. magazine, nothing compares to Contemporary Music Center’s Rock camp

Referred to as world class and one of the best experiences any musician can have, our summer Rock Camp is known to be the standard by which other programs are measured.

@4410 :: Contemporary Music Center’s State-of- the-Art Performance Center.

A completely unique venue and listening room located beneath CMC in Haymarket VA.

Top 100 Dealer: CMC is the only music dealer in Virginia to receive three consecutive TOP 100 awards from NAMM

CMC was also nominated for NAMM’s Wanna Play award in 2012 and Music Makes a difference award in 2013.

Sessions: Sessions are group classes that strengthens the skills taught through private lessons

The class teaches students how to apply that knowledge in a group experience. It is the perfect introduction into summer Rock Camp.

Rentals: Contemporary Music Center offers the finest Musical Instrument Rental Program available anywhere!

Low Monthly Rental Rates, 100% of Rental Payments apply towards the purchase of your instrument, there is NO obligation to buy, and all instruments are Educator Approved.

Individual Lessons: Our facilities have 27 private instruction studios

Our teaching staff, is the finest in the area, our teachers are motivated and dedicated professionals. All are active within the music community and bring energy and enthusiasm to the educational process.

The King of Rock Camp – Menzie Pittman

How Menzie Pittman of Contemporary Music Center built the ultimate summer lessons program.

Music Advocacy: Every spring Contemporary Music Center Joins NAMM and goes to Capitol Hill,

to fight the important battle of keeping music and the arts as part of the school core curriculum. Alongside former Education Secretary Richard Riley CMC always works to support music education.

School Jam: Along with Stan Freese from Disney, CMC’s founder Menzie Pittman was a retuning judge to NAMM’s School Jam in 2011, 2012 and 2013.

The notable judging panel has also included Steve Dobo (Rock and Roll Hall of Fame) and Kevin Lyman (Warp Tour founder). Guest emcees in 2011 were Bridget Mendler and Adam Hicks (Lemonade Mouth & Good luck Charlie).

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